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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a formal marketing strategy that helps you keep your existing customers and prospects coming back. By using a simple email campaign we will reach out weekly to your customers or clients and let them know that you care. Most importantly, we will keep reinforcing your brand while greatly increasing your residual income all from your existing customer base. We don’t want to loose the connections and contacts that you have already established.

Why we lead in Email Marketing

Yes, just about anybody can send an email. Just anybody can send a newsletter, but they are extremely ineffective. We take an aggressive approach to fully understand your target market. We write custom emails that your clients will actually want to read. We keep reinforcing your brand while analyzing our results. Its important that we fully understand what is and what isn’t working.

As a powerful marketing tool eMediaStudios uses every analytical tool, at our disposal to provide you and your company with insightful useful information on the effectiveness of your email campaign. Who is reading your emails, who isn’t. How effective are they? How can we approve? These are just some of the many questions that we will answer during the course of our campaign. The important aspect is we maintain constant contact with your target market.

The “Rule of Seven” and why its important

The Rule of Seven is an old marketing term. The statement is based on an ideology where a potential prospect or client needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. Obviously that number is solid, but the overall idea remains the same. We need to maintain continued contact with your clientele. We don’t want them to forget about you, your product or your brand. Now the sad truth of the Rule of Seven is you can’t just initiate a marketing campaign then be done. Marketing must be an on-going process in order for it to be successful!

At Benchmark, we're more than email marketing and website design experts, we're innovators. Our main aim is to perfect our email marketing service, while also offering social networking, and search engine optimization (SEO). We are a complete electronic marketing firm that aims to use the internet to successfully market your business.

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Here are just a few of the features that we offer for our email marketing campaigns:

  • We have list management, that offers storage and segmentation. You can literally split your list up for better targeting, add new email addresses, use signup boxes on your website that will gather new subscribers and more.
  • Social networking features. With eMediaStudios Email Marketing you can boost campaign visibility across social networking platforms by adding Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other links to your email campaigns to create instant buzz.
  • View World maps of your subscribers. Ever wonder where your email marketing subscribers are located? We will show you.
  • Outstanding Analytics and Reporting! See who forwarded your email, see who read them or whose email addresses are no longer valid. All from our reporting system.