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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC), sometimes referred to as Cost Per Click, is an online advertising option where an advertiser pays when a keyword is clicked. This type of advertising is offered on a wide range of websites, but is often used to appear on the top of Google search results.

Search engines often differentiate paid advertising by added “Sponsored Links” or “Sponsored Ads” above them. They also change the background color to make sure the advertisement stands out from free organic listings.

When should you use PPC?

At eMediaStudios, Houston Texas’s PPC marketing company, we use this advertising option for clients that need to immediately appear in top search results. If you are launching a new website, product or service and need immediate results, PPC is often the best option.

We will all work together to choose the perfect keywords and key phrases that will benefit you and your campaign the most. The least thing we want is for you to pay for keywords that serve you little or no purpose. Every keyword and key phrase you choose has to be perfect and provide you the greatest results.

Overall, Pay Per Click Advertisements are beneficial not only to advertisers, but potential customers as well. Advertisers generate the hits and conversions that they need, while customers don’t spend their quality time clicking irrelevant businesses. Everybody hates clicking spam sites or sites that have no significant value on what they are searching for.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is defined as: a word or phrase of great significance to you or your company. It is a word or series of words that explains you product or service the best. What word or group of words do you want people to search for? That is a keyword. When eMediaStudios selects keywords, we sit down and go over them with you. We make sure those selected keywords are exactly what you want and what your potential customer is going to click to find you. Its important that we put ourselves in your target markets eyes. What search phrases are they going to search for and what keywords are going to generate you the greatest amount of sales? Thats what we need to decide.

Will my ad appear in the first slot?

Search engines use a secret auction algorithm to determine who is on top. Honestly it isn’t rocket science. Who ever pays more, maintains a competitive stance for that specific keyword. An example would be this: if you pay $.10 per click and I’m willing to pay $1.00, I’m going to be appear higher up on Google search results then you will. If your budget is to low, your advertisement may never even appear or if it does, it will appear on off hours, all of which are useless to you.

Its important to choose the greatest keywords that are not too general. If you are a lawyer you would want to pay for the specific type of business you are trying to generate not for the keyword “lawyer.” Its too general of a keyword. Ideally you would want to pay for the keyword “personal injury lawyer Houston.” If someone is looking for a personal injury lawyer in Houston, your firm would come up. If they were searching for a business lawyer, your advertisement wouldn’t. That way you don’t pay for clicks that serve you and your company no purpose unless you offer that product or service.