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Driving low cost traffic through organic search

Search Engine Optimization is the art of naturally placing your website on the first page of the major search engines. Websites listed on the major search engines in this way pull over 90% of the search traffic for that search result. More traffic means more visitors and more visitors means more conversions. More conversions directly affects the bottom line.


The value of SEO

SEO is unmatched in value against almost any other method of advertising. Visitors who find your site naturally, due to search engine optimization stay on your website longer, convert to customers at a higher rate, and ultimately spend more money with your business. No other form of advertising can say this. Some quick benefits include:

  • Lower overall advertising costs
  • Higher ROI vs. almost every other advertising method
  • Ability to track advertising success
  • Targets consumers with a need for your business

SEO in a nutshell

Search Engine Optimzation is a marketing technique that is most easily explained as:

  • Content provides website relevance.
  • Links give your website authority.
  • Authority plus relevance equals rankings
  • Higher rankings increases your bottom line