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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a new internet marketing avenue where social media websites are used to advertise your product, service or brand. By using Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc we can make direct contact with your target market where they feel most comfortable. Although ideally, we would like your customers to directly visit your website, in many cases they never will. That doesn’t mean, they will not do business with you.

There are multiple levels of social media marketing. There is: direct pay per click advertising, integration, and full-fledged campaigns.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising also know as PPC is the ability to advertise directly on the social media website itself. Another words, you pay for direct advertisement space. We design the ads specific to your company, product or service. Each advertisement is targeted, by keyword or key phrase, to generate the greatest overall hits to your site. When a potential customer searches for a specific term, or has some affiliation with your brand, your company will come up.

One of the greatest features of PPC for social media, is extremely targeted advertising. We can literally setup an advertisement that only appears for females between a certain age group within a small geographical location. We can even setup an ad for a male who has “fishing” listed as a hobby, etc.


Integration is often an overlooked area of Social Media Marketing. Our company eMediaStudios, from Houston TX, fully understand exactly how to use this exciting feature that is at our disposal.

Google Plus

Google Plus uses a very interesting technology called Google Authorship to authenticate your article directly with your Google Plus account. Every article, that we write for you, will have a photo attached to it when searched on Google. Due to this authorship, Google rates your articles higher than your competitors. Another words your articles appear higher in search results than articles that are not linked up.


Facebook integrates with Bing search engine. As long as your potential customers are friends with you or like your company, you brand will appear in their Bing search results. Depending on what they type, if it is within your description, page, timeline, or even photo it will show up in their search.


Social Media campaigns require a great deal of research, marketing tips and tricks and very good understanding of your target market. We need to reach out to them directly. We need to understand how they think, what they like and what statement we need to project to grab their attention. All of this takes a great deal of research and education.

One of the greatest aspects of eMediaStudios is the fact that although we are well known for our website development, we are at heart; marketers. We understanding marketing and advertising first and foremost. We have and know what it takes to develop the ultimate social media campaign for you and your business.

Contact us today and lets setup a phone consultation so we can begin researching everything that we need to increase your sales and continue you business success!